2022-2023 FX Thunder H.O.G. Officers:

Director: Darryl Sapoff

Co-Director: Clint Loren

Treasurer: Gabi Hoover

Activities: Jodi Nicholson

​Road Captain: Alan Turner

H.O.G. Manager: Jessica Caprara (Jessica@FXHarley.com)

Harley-Davidson Museum Free Admission


Joining our H.O.G.® Chapter is easy and FREE!! You will need to be a National H.O.G.® Member and complete an Enrollment Form. Then get your completed form back to Jessica at the Dealership or to any of our officers at any of our events.

Take us for a test ride! All of us in the FX Thunder H.O.G. Chapter welcomes anyone who has an interest in joining to get to know us. Come to one of our Monthly Chapter Get Togethers (generally held the first Saturday of each month at the Dealership) or any of our Events.

We recognize your passion by helping you keep track of your miles - over your lifetime, annually and as part of our chapter.

About FX Thunder

Harley Owners Group®

Joining a H.O.G.® Chapter helps you get the most our of your Harley-experience. 
We are a Riding Group that gets together to crank maximum adventure out of life on two wheels.

Our goal is to Ride and Have Fun!​

We have a different mind-set... Wherever there's adventure to be had or a new corner of the world to explore, you can bet that FXT HOG family isn't far behind, bringing new meaning to the phrase

"Sharing the Road." 

FX Thunder H.O.G.® is sponsored by
FX Caprara Harley-Davidson®
17890 Goodnough Road, Adams Center, NY
US +1-315-583-6177

No matter what continent we ride on, the road connects us all. When you're one of us, even when you're riding solo, you're never riding alone.

We're the worldwide,

independent nation of H.O.G.®


FX Thunder Harley Owners Group