FX Thunder Harley Owners Group

From Sea to Shining Sea

Announcing two new ride challenges!

For Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Riders, nothing beats the freedom of the open road - the wind in your face, sun on your back, and knees in the breeze. For 2020 National H.O.G.® is rolling out two new challenges to supercharge your riding experience: 10 rides for '20 and 50 Rides, One Nation. Find your freedom, explore the country from the saddle of your Harley®, and earn rewards - and bragging rights - while doing it!

  • 10 Rides for '20 is an annual challenge featuring 10 great destinations throughout the country, along with a recommended scenic route for each. Each year, a new 10 Rides challenge will be announced, giving you more chances for more riding and more rewards!
  • 50 Rides, One Nation presents 50 "rides of a lifetime," and there's no time limit to complete them! From mountains to meadows, canyons to coastline, and desert to delta, there's something for everyone. With one ride in each state, you'll explore some of the country's most iconic places, with thrilling riding and great scenery along the way. Our new downloadable "Ride!" guide has details of all 50 rides. Visit H-D.com/HOG. 

The Rules are simple:

  1. Ride your Harley to one of the featured destinations
  2. Snap a picture of yourself at the designated checkpoint with the latest issue of HOG® Magazine or the cover of "Ride!" guide
  3. Submit your photo via H-D.com/HOG
  4. Earn digital badges and other rewards

And the other Ride 365 mileage recognition programs are continuing in 2020 as well: 

Lifetime Recognition, Annual Recognition and an annual Chapter Challenge.

What's in it for you as a H.O.G.® Member?

  • Celebrate good times - log your miles and be recognized
  • Track your riding experience - rack up miles and celebrate the milestones
  • contribute to the FX Thunder H.O.G.® Chapter Challenge mileage goal - have fun as we strengthen our bond as members

How will mileage be tracked?
For your Lifetime Recognition, Annual Recognition and Chapter Challenges, our FX Thunder H.O.G. Manager (Dawn at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson®) will validate your mileage at the beginning of the calendar year. After that, you can return to FXCHD® (or any Harley-Davidson dealership) throughout the year to add to your total annual mileage.

How many times each year do H.O.G.® Members have to check-in their mileage?
You need only to have your odometer checked in two times each year at the dealership - the first time to validate miles on or after January 1, and the second time is for the final annual total on or before December 31. However, you'll want to check in with FXCHD® frequently to enter your updated miles so you can earn digital badges and add to your annual and chapter totals throughout the year. Adding your mileage will instantly update the HOG.com website and your chapter totals.

How will the Chapter Challenge be tracked, and what do we win?
There are two ways to win, giving all chapter sizes an opportunity to win:

  • total chapter mileage
  • average total miles per member

All miles ridden by a chapter member including the miles ridden outside of official chapter events count towards the Chapter Challenge. Each of the 6 Dealer Markets will have a total mileage winner and average miles per chapter member winner. Each of these (max. 12) chapters will receive a pizza party with a H.O.G.® Regional Manager and a plaque detailing the accomplishment. Of the 12 Market winners, there will be 1 National Champion for total mileage and 1 National Champion for average miles per chapter member. Each member of the National Champion chapters will receive a patch signifying the accomplishment.

For Harley-Davidson Ride Planner routes for each ride, visit maps.harley-davidson.com/map, where you can print out route guidance or download GPX files for bikes equipped with the Boom!™ Box GTS Infotainment System. 

From sea to shining sea, America's great rides await - get your motor runnin' and head out on the highway!

Our Top 10 Riders for 2019 (as reported by HOG.com/Ride365)

1) Larry O. with 13,216 mi
2) Darryl S. with 10,572 mi
3) Dawn F. with 9,032 mi

4) Jennifer M. with 8,655 mi
5) Dan S. with 8,619 mi

6) Patrick C. with 8,178 mi

7) David N. with 8,101 mi
8) Richard H. with 5,233 mi
9) Tyke B. with 3,866 mi
10) Mark C. with 3,574 mi

as of December 13, 2019