FX Thunder Harley Owners Group

Lighthouse Chapter Challenge

Over the centuries, Lighthouses have shown their beams of light as a navigational aid for captains at sea. Now let them serve to aid you as you enjoy riding your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, discovering new destinations and adventures. 

​​Ride to the Lighthouse you wish, either with a group, a few friends or on your own. While you’re there, get a picture of your bike with the lighthouse in the background with your Smartphone or digital camera. 

When you get home, email your photo(s) to Dawn (Dawn@FXHarley.com). Remember: Your photo must have your bike and the lighthouse in the picture (as proof you rode there).

This Ride Challenge is from May 1st until September 19th. The Chapter Member(s) with the most Lighthouses crossed off their list will win a prize at the end of the year. To qualify for the challenge, FX Thunder H.O.G. Members must have their National H.O.G. Membership current. 

Download the complete list of rules and list of Lighthouses by clicking here. And keep coming back to check this page- as the photos roll in, we'll post them here.