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Planning to Ride in 2022!!

While it's true that a lot of rides can 'just happen' and that leads to loads of fun, in order to be truly successful in any aspect of your life, there must be a plan. We will not plan out every small detail- there are some things we will leave open and see where the road leads us. However, we will Plan to Ride, Prepare to Ride, and Expect to Ride in 2022!!

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.

And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."
~Jim Rohn​

Here's what we've got planned out so far:

     These are rides you can do on your own, or put together a group to get outside, go ride, rack up that mileage (because remember the Mileage Recognition), and have fun!
     Currently we are awaiting National HOG's announcement of what their 2022 Ride Challenges will be. When that is announced we will see how we might be able to incorporate that within our Chapter Challenge.
     Other possibilities are State & National Parks, Waterfalls, and/or NYS Historical Markers. Stay tuned!

  • Brew & Bikes: Where we meet up at a local Coffee Shop and then go ride. That will be the last Sunday of the Month, from May through August.
  • Picnic Ride: Bring your own lunch or buy one along the way and ride with us to a scenic spot. Destinations & dates are still to be determined, although plan on these rides happening in May, June and August on a Saturday.
  • Path Through History Ride: We'll take the long way around to Sackets Harbor for the War of 1812 Living History Weekend. This ride is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 30th, but that may change -we're waiting for the village to officially announce the date of that event.
  • Fall Foliage Ride: That will take place on Sunday, September 18 (rain date of Sept. 25). We'll take the same route as the WWP Ride and possibly head over towards Lowville, Port Leyden, and Boonville.
  • Plus look for the "After the Get Together Ride" to resume in 2022!

2022 OVERNIGHT RIDES - this year there's two!

1) Almost Heaven Overnight Ride

The choice of Elkins, West Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains were the #1 pick for our 2022 Overnight Ride.
Here's what we've got worked out so far:

  • Planning to roll out on Thursday, August 4th, and return home on Monday, August 8th.
  • The approximate time it takes to get from FXCHD to Elkins is 10 hours according to Google Maps- so really plan on it taking 12 with a group of bikes.
  • That's why we're planning on taking 2 days to get there and 2 days to get back. Of course if you prefer to take only 1 day down and/or back, that is perfectly fine as well!! It is completely up to you!
  • Will most likely stay at the Brazenhead Inn in Mingo, WV - for those members who've been to the Kitzhof Inn in Vermonth, it's similar to that. Dawn will be contacting them to see about group rates, meals, etc.
  • Check out Elkins-Randolph County Tourism to learn more and inspire you on the area.

​2) The "1" Ride​
Second place from the survey is the Multi-Day Ride up the East Coast. And here's what we've got figured out for that:
• Since Ludlow, VT is about half way, we've decided to roll this in with the Iron Adventure HOG Rally that is taking place there from July 14 to July 16.
• If you don't wish to attend the rally, that's fine! We'll arrange for a group to roll out from FXCHD to Ludlow on Saturday, July 16.
• Plan on rolling out of Ludlow on Sunday, July 17 to Portland, Maine, and then up the coast on Highway 1. So, if you're planning on going to the Rally, you'll already be in Ludlow.
• From Portland we're wanting to ride Highway 1 north, up the coast of Maine. Still working out how far north we'll go and where we'll be swinging back, heading west to home.
• We are in the early planning stages of this ride, although we do plan on being home by July 19 or 20.

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