Bikers Always Have a 'Plan B' - updated July 7, 2020

Yes, travel restrictions are beginning to lesson, and we are now allowed to have up to 50 people in a gathering (socially distanced of course) As New York State begins "Moving Forward" with regions reopening in phases, there are still limitations on gatherings and restaurants still have their dinning rooms closed to the public.  Even though our sponsoring dealer is now allowed to have customers in their showroom, we encourage you to limit your contact with others, wash your hands often, wear a mask when in public and remain vigilant when you are outside with others by following the recommendations from the CDC.

The events with a 'degree symbol' or ° next to the title are on a "we will see" basis thanks to COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). As the news comes in we will adjust these events and keep this page updated. You can also contact Dawn (your FX Thunder H.O.G.® Manager) if you have any questions: on the WhatsApp, email ( or 315-583-6177

Of course motorcycling is THE ultimate 'social distancing' sport! If you plan on riding out of state, we highly recommend checking to see what if any travel restrictions they might have. Also, remember to watch for road debris, wildlife and other traffic that is also out. Stay alert and anticipate problems. Confine your urge to push your personal limits on the bike, choosing instead to exercise caution. Last but not least, stay hydrated, and at the very least wear a long sleeve t-shirt to protect yourself from the sun. 

From our FX Thunder Family to yours, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Get outside, go ride & rack up those miles for Ride 365!

FX Thunder Harley Owners Group

The Harley Owners Group® riding club was founded by and for people who share the passion for the freedom of being in the saddle. So there aren't a bunch of rules and responsibilities here. This is something you do on your own terms. It's an easy way to meet some like-minded people and have some fun.

And you're invited to take us for a test ride!

Meet up with us at any of the events below:​​

August Get Together°

Our monthly get together taking place at it's normal date (the 1st Saturday of each month): August 1, 10am at FXCHD. This month we'll have a door prize and 50/50 -so come on over and you might just get lucky!! Plus, FX Thunder H.O.G.® Members will receive 100 points on their HOG Thunder Rewards Card.

Ride to Sporty's Iron Horse Saloon°

a *Closed Ride happening on Sunday, August 9 to the famous Biker Bar in the Adirondacks . Sporty’s is one of the finest real biker bars in the northeast, but it is still a family bar — no drugs or fights. They describe it as a Biker Bar/Community Center. Community groups meet there, and they hold charity events throughout the year. Due to COVID-19 their dinning has been moved outside to their picnic area. Also, Sporty's is a cash-only establishment and most of their parking lot is dirt, so bring your cash and your kickstand-pucks. Everyone is welcome at Sporty's! 

We'll meet at the Adams Center Sunoco Gas Station (closest to the dealership) at 8:30am, KSU will be at 9:00am sharp. From there, we'll take 177 into Lowville and pick up 812 to State Route 3, that'll make our first stop at Sliders in Harrisville. From there we would follow 3 through to Tupper Lake, picking up 30 to Long Lake and have another stop at the Stewarts gas station there. After that we will get onto 28N and go about 30 miles to Sporty's. A small part of SR-3 is grooved in Tupper Lake, and the speed limit is 35 through that road construction. Still some twisties, but more straightaways and better roads this route.

It'll be about 3½ hours to get there. Will leave it up to the group to decide which way they'd like to go the day of the ride.

Into the Blue Ride

a *Closed ride happening on Sunday, August 30 - doing a long loop around, starting at FXCHD to Blue Mountain Lake/Speculator. You can preview the route on the H-D Connect Ride Planner

September Get Together°

Our monthly get together taking place on September 5, 10am at FXCHD. This month we'll have a door prize and 50/50 -so come on over and you might just get lucky!! Plus, FX Thunder H.O.G.® Members will receive 100 points on their HOG Thunder Rewards Card.

FXCHD's Fall Open House°

Saturday, September 19

Fall Foliage Ride

an *Open Ride happening Sunday, September 20 (Rain Date 9/27) - pack your picnic lunch (or buy one along the way: 1 stop at Sliders in Harrisville) and join us as we head out to the Forked Lake Campgrounds/Buttermilk Falls (by Long Lake). There we'll have a relaxing meal with our friends. You can preview the route on the H-D Connect Ride Planner

*Closed & Open Rides: 

  • Closed Rides are for all National H.O.G. Members, members of FX Thunder H.O.G. and their invited guests. If you'd like to be invited, just let us know! 
  • Open Rides are open to the general public -anyone is welcome to join. 

Re-Cap of FX Thunder H.O.G. Overnight Trip

Went to Dover, Vermont and the Kitzhof Inn - July 17, 18 & 19


​Let's go back to November 2019 for a moment... That was when members of our Harley Owners Group® received a survey, asking them which would be their pick for an overnight trip in the new year. That was also a time when Corona was just a beer. Our FX Thunder H.O.G. Chapter did pick their destination: the Kitzhof Inn in the green mountains of Southern Vermont.

Fast forward four months and it seemed like everything for the remainder of 2020 would be on PAUSE due to the Coronavirus -events, concerts & rallies were being postponed or outright cancelled. Would this trip be next?? Everyone held their breath, put on a face masks, washed their hands, and had hoped that we would all come out on the other side okay.

​Slowly, but surely, our hopes and prayers were answered. All of New England seemed to have flattened the COVID-19 curve and recreational travel was allowed (so long as it was between states that weren't experiencing surges). So off went our chapter, into the somewhat wild green mountains!

The majority of the group started out on Friday, July 17th, riding the back roads to the Kitzhof in under six hours. Some rain showers would pop up, but that's what rain suits are for! Once everyone arrived, Simon & Alison (owners of the inn & motorcyclists themselves) warmly welcomed the group and explained how the new rules would work: wearing face masks, cleaning the common areas, no housekeeping but extra towels would provided if needed, etc., etc. 

​Normally the group would have been the Kitzhof's 10th or 12th group booking by mid-July... but as we all know, these are not normal times. That's why on Saturday, with Simon leading and Alison on sweep, our group finally did do something normal: went on their "These Green Hills" ride (and boy did it feel great!). There were sweeping curves, delightful valleys, mountain vistas accompanied with quaint villages and townships. Vermont doesn't have any skyscrapers (in fact they don't have any buildings over 124 feet tall), but that is made up by their plentiful hilltops and tree lined drives. 

Ending the ride at The Vermont Country Store (just 34 miles north of the inn) was a great chance to get some of the local flavor. A restored general store, it first opened its doors in 1946. Still family owned and run today (five generations later), they take pride in "being the Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find." Of course face masks and social distancing rules still applied, but in no way did that diminish the charm.

​Back to the Kitzhof Inn after that, which is located right on VT-100. Scenic Route VT-100 is also one of the "50 Rides, 1 Nation" Ride Challenges that National H.O.G.® has, and it's easy to see why. Just around every corner is either a nice little straight-away, a series of twisties, or a village that, at first glance, time seems to have forgotten (although they do have today's modern conveniences upon further investigation). 

The FX Thunder H.O.G.® Chapter had enough time left in the afternoon for a relaxing swim in the pool and talk about the day's ride while Simon & Alison prepared the dinner for that evening. That, along with breakfast both mornings, the guided ride and use of all the amenities were included in the group rate -quite a deal!!

​After a hearty, hot breakfast Sunday morning, it was time to pack up and head home. One of Simon's last gifts to the group: taking a group photo so they can savor the memories the group made while there. Back to the 'real world' and all that brings, so leaving the Kitzhof Inn was bitter-sweet. 

Even though part of the reason we travel is so that in coming home we can be grateful for the things we have, the 'things' that Vermont and the Kitzhof Inn have are quite wondrous and will be missed greatly. 

You can see pictures from their trip on FX Thunder H.O.G.'s Facebook page: just 
click here to go to the album. And watch for a video from the weekend to come out on Dawn's (aka Irish BOB) YouTube Channel

Does all this have you wanting to join the FX Thunder H.O.G.® family?? Yes, you can join in on the fun AND there are still more rides & adventures planned for this year!! Plus it's FREE to join the chapter -all you need to have is your National H.O.G.® Membership. To learn more, simply
click here. You can also contact Dawn, our H.O.G.® Chapter Manager by email ( or by calling the shop at 315-583-6177.